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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Day to Remember!

Mark this as my first Blog here because, well, it is. For me it is a day to remember despite how fuzzy it may become somewhere down the line, and for you (the single person reading this because I'm sending you a link to do so, so you best read it) it is simply another boring read that you may just skim right through. As for the others who may someday read this, allow me to introduce myself: My name is James, I work in IT (hardware and networking), I procrastinate (though it's completely unintentional), I love writing, I hate reading (unless it's some of my favorite online websites or web-comics), I have high ambitions, I'm not too big on this social networking thing, and I'm a bit strange (so please forgive me if I'm not the most social person you've ever met). I could go into a huge egotistical self-discussion, but I'd rather not scare everyone away so soon.

I have plans for this little blip of space on the internet being hosted by Blogger in association with Google (I love Google, despite the fact that they will someday take over the world like Skynet). My plans consist of further expanding my horizons, understanding others' opinions on my own (among other things), exhausting my creativity, discussing the things I love and enjoy, getting to know some others and reading their thoughts/opinions, and so on.

To kick things off I am linking to a song that I enjoy by Deftones. This song makes me reminisce of things that I've never even experienced yet, to travel to places I've never been; to me it's somewhat a song of new beginnings. I believe that suits this post well - new beginnings. So on that note I will close off the first, fairly short post. I am actually writing this on and off while at work, which is never a good thing, so that is my excuse for posting so little. Again, it's just a brief little introduction to something larger in the long-run. We'll see how this experiment turns out.

Until next time,

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